DJ K9!

Location: Central Coast

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Guy is over 8 years deep in the DJ game, and has also formally studied Contemporary Music to help understand the industry.

Preferring trap, hip hop and future bass, K9’s performing style tends to change gig-to-gig, and has in recent years become known for his adaptability.

With experience ranging everywhere from house parties, to music festivals, there’s no doubt that this keen mixer has the music and skills to make any event erratic.


Location: Central Coast

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Chris has been musically active since a young age, playing the saxophone and performing in jazz bands and brass ensembles.

Towards the end of high school, he began exploring electronic music and attending live concerts, which led to him becoming what many would soon know as Basssick.

As a DJ, Chris has taken his skill set all over NSW, and has become a sought after name due to his creative mixing style and boundless genre palette.


Location: Newcastle/Sydney

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DJ 5 Percent is Tom Clarke, the youngen mixer, masher, and turntable extraordinaire, who is based in Sydney, but travels to the Central Coast and Newcastle when the party calls him.

He has played at venues such as Finnegan’s Hotel, Sydney Junction and Hotel Jesmond, and has mixed alongside legends such as DJ I-Dee, Nino Brown and Benny B. Tom has crushed sets at F45 Erina, Tuggerah, Brookvale and Dee Why for us, as well as a local house party here and there.

After taking a short break, 5 Percent is back in action, so get in touch if you want him to be mixing it up at your next event.


Location: Newcastle

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This Absolute gun is only in his mid 20s, yet has a backlog of gigs that would put some of the veterans to shame, just a few years back scoring the wildcard runner up spot at YOUR SHOT, and more recently playing his fist ever festival set at Up Down Festival.

Matt isn’t only a resident mixer at King Street and The Argyle House, but he has played alongside Laidback Luke, Bear Grillz, Odd Mob and a whole heap more. He also keeps his beak wet with private gigs whenever he can find a night off.

Get in touch with us if you want this legend on the decks at your next function, or catch him at one of his residencies for a guaranteed belter of night.


Location: Sydney

LACHLAN ONLINEfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

At 18 years young, Lachlan is ripe, energetic and ready to go, recently wowing members at F45 Brookvale.

Whether it’s a wedding, nightclub slot, house party or music festival, Lachlan is prepped and enthusiastic to make it great!


Location: Newcastle

SHEPfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

Matt has been behind the decks for over 4 years playing clubs, theme nights and mini festivals since an early age.

In recent years he has upped his game and jumped into some corporate functions, weddings and similar high-class gigs, which included starting up Newcastle & Lake Mac DJ’s to pick up some extra work.

Contact us directly if you want this skilled, versatile, young gun to be the button pusher at your next big event.


Location: Sydney

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Damien regularly pops into venues such as Candys Apartment, Club 77 and Monkey Magic to provide the midweek-weekend tunes.

More recently he’s been playing the regular F45 Training Paddington slot on fortnightly Saturday’s, so be sure to pop in on March 23 for his next set!

Let us know if you want to see more of Damien, and check out Aloysius if you want to see some insight into what he does.


Location: Newcastle

RYANMfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

Ryan is an absolute professional, working a 9-5 through the week, as well as looking after the well reputable Mane Events over the weekend.

We have been fortunate enough to have Ryan jump onboard for a few gigs as of recent, which includes Sydney weddings and Central Coast corporate functions.


Location: Central Coast

SIMONINTROfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

Simon is something of a veteran mixer, playing venues from The Beery, to Kantara House, and a great many more for private functions.

He also looks after Simple City Music, staying busy with wedding and event bookings throughout the Central Coast.

Playing the Erina studio of F45 for us on a whole range of occasions, his varied range of hits are a consistent favourite.

SimmCity is available now, so grab him for your next function to ascertain the best.


Location: Sydney

BRENTCfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

Brent is many years deep in the music industry, having experience ranging from corporate to weddings, to house parties (and that’s just scratching the surface).

More recently he has been involved with Silent Sounds, Playground Sounds and similar silent disco brands, as he travels around Sydney bring tunes of the not-so-loud variety.

Feel free to either catch him at one of his gigs, or to hit us up for a direct booking. No matter if you’re getting married, hosting a Christmas party, having 21st…Brent has it covered.


Location: Sydney

CALfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

Callum gets around the house parties and U18 boat parties, and has a strong social media following, being known for his Tech House mixes.

Last year he came out and played F45 Training Paddington on several occasions, and the members absolutely loved it!

If you Cal’s skills and precision at your next event, shoot us a message and we’ll make it happen!


Location: Central Coast

Nick Readfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

Nick’s music career spans boasts of over 15 years, ranging from playing in bands, to teaching, to recording in professional studios.

Over the past few years, this has broadened to DJing, where Nick has played at venues including Sealife Sydney, Fort Dennison and Dockside Harbour.

Under his DJ Moniker: INDAK, He will continue to use this to provide unforgettable musical experiences throughout each and every set he plays.


Location: Sydney

Alex Backlerfb_icon_325x3252000px-Antu_soundcloud.svg

Alex had a musical awakening after finishing school, and moving from the coast of South Australia to Adelaide.

He became well-known for his broad and tasteful selection of music, translating to weddings, corporate, and similar gigs, embracing this even more following a move to Sydney.

Playing a range of DTS gigs, where his unique style was immediately noticeable, Recreational Disco creates a definitive vibe.

Alex’ skills and experience will make him a definite asset to the team.


Location: Sydney

ADAMfb_icon_325x325Image result for instagram.

Adam is a young gun at the ripe age of 17, yet with enthusiasm and skills beyond his years.

Uprise has dropped tunes at spots like Winterland Sydney, F45 Brookvale and Crossroads Hotel.

With years ahead of him, we look forward to seeing Adam continue to kill it on the decks.

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