Introducing a new wave of disc jockey entertainment for the Central Coast. Down To Scratch DJs brings decades of experience in the industry, and aspires to be a vehicle for bringing more and more quality DJ work to the coast, one scratch at a time.

In addition to this, the brand is a movement, aiming not only to treat customers and disc jockeys alike fairly, but also to give back to society, which is made possible through partnerships with purposeful organisations. We similarly look forward to working with and inspiring others involved in startups, small businesses, and passion projects.

If you have an upcoming function, wedding, party, or anything that you think could benefit from a DJ, we’ve done them all, so you can rest assured we’ll do a good job. If you bring the event, we’ll bring the disc jockey, so check out what we’ve done, and enquire now

We are a push to shift the culture, we are a striving to shoot past the bare minimum, we are an endeavour to encourage and inspire others, we are Down To Scratch DJs, and we can’t wait to work with you.