5 Reasons why you should book DTS DJs for your wedding

Now I know what you’re thinking. Of course a DJ company will have a bias for them being the best fit to play an event. But if you’re willing to give a few minutes to seeing what we have to say, I’m confident you’ll be convinced within 5 (or even 3) points.

  1. We aren’t a gigantic company. Unlike some larger agencies that might look after 10 or so other bookings the same night as yours, we usually have a maximum of 2, meaning we can give the utmost care to the preparation and execution of our services at your big day.
  2. We have LOADS of positive reviews, and ZERO negatives ones. What better way to give yourself confidence in a service than by checking their reviews? However while usually digging deep enough will emerge a Facebook Post or comment on a random review site containing negative words about a company, that just isn’t the case for us, because our brides and other clients REALLY are that happy!
  3. We are loved by every venue we play at. “Wow, that’s more equipment than the DJ’s here usually have” isn’t at all an uncommon phrase to hear while we setup prior to a wedding. More recently we played at a beloved Central Coast wedding venue for the first time, and within a few days they’d put us down as their recommended DJ supplier. What more can we say?
  4. We don’t break the bank. Due to the lack of overheads to cover employees, property and the like, we don’t have to add additional fees to the final cost. We also charge quite reasonably compared to some other Central Coast agencies, however without needing to reduce the quality of equipment or performance.
  5. We are the #1 ’18 Central Coast DJ Agency. No, we aren’t just talking ourselves up, we actually scored those bragging rights at the Brides Choice Awards, followed by copping the Highly Recommended (or Runner Up) placing for 2019.

Let us know if you need any further confidence that Down To Scratch DJs would absolutely crush it on your wedding day. In the meantime, we’ll be prepping for our upcoming wedding bookings.

Look out for “5 MORE Reasons why you should book DTS DJs for your wedding”, coming soon!

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